Campus Iberus of International Excellence

Campus Iberus of International Excellence

The Campus Iberus of International Excellence is a strategic partnership between the University of Zaragoza, the Public University of Navarra, the University of Lleida and the University of La Rioja in Spain. As a dependent aggregation structure of the individual universities which compose this alliance, Campus Iberus activity is driven by its strategic plan which focuses on joint large-scale actions around specific areas of specialization, aiming to deliver high added value results and to have an impact on the territory in terms of development and growth.

Campus Iberus’ strategy is based on the definition and implementation of aggregation, specialization and internationalization activities pursuing three major goals:

  • Improvement of teaching and learning and adaptation of the education system to the European Higher Education Area
  • Improvement of scientific and technological transfer
  • Contribution to a new model for socio-economic development and interaction with the regional ecosystems

With a focus on quality, excellence and internationalization, Campus Iberus focuses on a number of areas of aggregation and specialization according to its academic and R&I capacities together with the major thematic domains identified by the Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3) of each region involved in this alliance. These areas of aggregation and specialization are:

  1. Agro-food & Nutrition
  2. Sustainable Energy & environment
  3. Health Technologies
  4. Social and Territorial Development

Joint actions between the Campus’ universities are implemented through 5 major areas of activity:

  • Education & training
  • Research & Innovation
  • Mobility of students and research & teaching & technical staff
  • Entrepreneurship & University-Business Cooperation
  • International Cooperation

Additionally, one of the objectives of Campus Iberus is to develop a policy of strategic alliances with national and international universities. Specifically, a key action is the institutional strengthening of cross-border cooperation through which Campus Iberus is working on the construction of the cross-border Campus EBRoS – European Bioregion of Science of the Western Pyrenees with the universities of Toulouse and Pau in Southern France.

Currently, Campus Iberus has international delegations in Brussels and Bogotá (Colombia).

Campus Iberus is an active member in the following international fora:

  • EERA – European Energy Research Alliance (JP Bioenergy, JP Smart Cities)
  • BIC – Biobased Industry Consortium
  • DEMOLA Open Innovation Network
  • ESTHER – Industry Driven Initiative on Emerging and Strategic Technologies for Healthcare
  • FOODNEXUS CONSORTIUM – A European Innovation Alliance for better food, better innovations and a better world