Core Meetings
UnILiON Core meetings bring the participating offices together for knowledge sharing, peer support, invited guest presentation on strategic issues, discussion of joint proposals and activities.

UnILiON Open Talks
Open Talks are open to external participants and usually offer presentations from the EU Commission on the latest policy and funding programmes.

UnILiON Virtual
Virtual collaboration between the participating offices contains of sharing documents, latest news, and intelligence in relation to EU affairs with a particular focus on Research, Innovation and Higher Education.

UnILiON Events
Working Groups or the Core come together to organise public events such as high profile thematic events.

UnILiON Secretariat
The secretariat gets together on a six-weekly basis to discuss among other things proposals for the Core meetings, invite guest speakers, initial hearings for new participants, agenda setting, and the coordination of the network.

UnILiON Social
The network also organises social activities for participants that allow for informal get togethers and networking.