About UnILiON

About UnILiON

UnILiON is an informal network of 49 liaison offices representing nearly 150 excellent universities based in Europe, Japan and Russia. The network represents an arena of exchange where the participants share information, nurture collaboration and act as information multipliers towards the represented organisations.

UnILiON offers a single entry point to a world of excellent universities. Thanks to UnILiON you can easily access some of the most active Research, Higher Education and Innovation players in Europe and beyond.

For the universities participating in UnILiON it offers a door to European Institutions and other external partners.

UnILiON is not a formal lobbying entity or a formal interests representation initiative and does not get together to express joint positions.

The network has a secretariat which in principle changes annually. The current secretariat is in place since 2020.

UnILiON participants engage in a range of diverse activities over the course of the year. Find out more about UnILiON activities.