University of Lorraine

University of Lorraine

The Universitiy of Lorraine is present in 2 metropolises as well as 10 cities and towns on its territory, it has 62000 students and is committed to raising the level of education of citizens, relying on an intensive research dynamic, both fundamental and applied. Research activities are carried out there by 2400 teacher-researchers and researchers in cooperation with research organization (INRAE, INSERM, CNRS, INRIA…).

The University of Lorraine is part of a dynamic of creating new knowledge up to the transfer of new knowledge and technological innovations to civil society, economic society and the cultural world. It benefits from the French excellence initiative program I-SITE and is committed to education for and through research, ensuring the scientific supervision of more than 1,800 doctoral students, future researchers and senior managers of tomorrow.

Research is based on structuring regional, National and international partnerships, allowing the development of disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative research projects of excellence, in connection with societal challenges, and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Research at the University of Lorraine relies on state-of-the-art research infrastructures, allowing the production of internationally recognized results.

Among the strong points of research, let us note the “European Valley of materials and energy – in particular hydrogen” with malleable, recyclable metals, at the heart of the circular economy, geosciences, with two sectors of excellence in mines and georesources, the forest-wood sector. Other sectors: soil remediation, creation of algorithms used in cybersecurity, clinical research, HSS. The University of Lorraine is ranked in the top 50 world universities in specific research fields.

The University of Lorraine is member of several partnerships : made in Europe, process4Europe, KIC Innoenergy, KIC raw materials, ERMA. It’s member of the University of the Greater region, UniGR

The University of Lorraine is open to business creation from research or from students, via student entrepreneurship.