Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is an internationally oriented university in Brussels, the heart of Europe. Through tailor-made high-quality research and education, VUB wants to contribute in an active and committed way to a better society for tomorrow. That is our mission.

For more than 180 years VUB has helped build a better society as an innovative, free inquiring and critical thinking university. We are linked to the world from within our international capital Brussels. A never-ending quest for knowledge, insights and enlightenment form the golden thread in all we do in education, research and social commitment. At the same time, we continue to advance our very personal and democratic approach that enables all the members of the VUB-community to grow, so they can successfully take up their roles in the world of today and tomorrow.

The VUB is a proud member of the EUTOPIA alliance of universities. Thanks to its expertise and strategic location, the VUB is also the ideal partner for prestigious research with an outlook on Europe and the world. The university therefore is an avid participant in European projects, and in particular in Horizon 2020 projects. There are about a 170 running research projects at VUB which are (co-)funded by the European Union, 20% of which are coordinated by VUB.

European Liaison Office services

  • European research and innovation policy
  • European funding intelligence and promotion of opportunities
  • European project guidance (pre- and post-award) and scouting for ERC and MSCA
  • Research and data management, science outreach
  • Ethics and research integrity
  • Researcher training and development