UnILiON dialogue with the chair of the ITRE committee

UnILiON dialogue with the chair of the ITRE committee

On 30 June, UnILiON had the pleasure to host an online meeting with the chair of the European Parliament’s ITRE Committee, Mr Cristian Bușoi, on the negotiations on EU’s future research and innovation policy and the new MFF.

The constructive dialogue focused on several themes, including: the allocation of funds for Horizon Europe in the new MFF, the synergies between Horizon Europe and the Green Deal, the new ERA and the level of public and private investment in R&I in Member States.

Bușoi is hopeful that an agreement can be reached in the negotiations on MFF by the end of the year, during the German Presidency so as to avoid further delays in the implementation of the policies at EU level.

Bușoi stressed the strong efforts of the EP in negotiating with the Council an ambitious budget for Horizon Europe, considering in particular the role of R&I in achieving ambitious results in all EU policy areas. Such a role for R&I has already been demonstrated during the COVID-19 crisis and countries have showed strong support for the ERAvsCorona Action Plan, and to resources allocated to health research from H2020 budget.

Allocating the appropriate resources is especially relevant in the context of the ambitious Green Deal priorities as well as the efforts of member states to continue to mobilise investments for economic recovery. It is ITRE’s opinion that a balanced and ambitious Horizon Europe and a renewed ERA represents the core of this recovery, as this new approach requires strong fundamental and collaborative research as well as taking steps towards innovation.

Moreover, Bușoi expressed his support for the coordination of the research and education policies, explaining that it will lead to improved collaboration and synergies.

According to Bușoi, the ITRE committee is strongly committed to supporting the reinforcement and development of research and innovation in synergy with other EU policy areas. There is commitment for a continuous dialogue with stakeholders, member states and the EC.

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